Meet The Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Jeff Glass from Hometap

In this week’s founder interview, we’re bringing you Jeff Glass from Hometap.

Without remoter ado…

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jeffrey Glass. I am the CEO and cofounder of Hometap Probity Partners. My job has five main requirements. My number one role is to ensure that we are capitalized to succeed our mission of making homeownership less stressful and increasingly accessible, as we have would-be operating and deployment goals that can’t be workaday unless we have the necessary capital. Secondly, I think of myself as a champion of visitor culture. Our culture centers virtually stuff a good owner of one’s work and a good neighbor to one another. I try to do all I can to ensure that our values are operationalized and practiced throughout our organization. Number three is that I work to ensure that we have a upper quotient leadership team that functions well together, considering talent attracts talent. Fourth, I seek to overdraw and communicate our merchantry strategy so that we all are working towards a worldwide set of goals. And finally, I squint to help with game-changing merchantry minutiae or sales opportunities that can make a major impact on the victory of our strategy.

What problem does your product/service solve?

Tens of millions of American homeowners are house-rich and cash-poor. We seek to succeed our mission of making homeownership less stressful and increasingly wieldy by offering these homeowners an volitional to debt. We provide qualified homeowners with wanted today in mart for a percentage of the future value of the home.

This debt-free mazuma allows homeowners to succeed goals like making renovations, funding a child’s education, putting a lanugo payment on a second home, starting a business, and handling other life expenses that were previously unattainable to them.

For wanted partners, we create an opportunity to participate in a pool of residential real manor investments with lulu risk, return and mazuma spritz nature in an windfall matriculation that historically has low to no correlation with the stock market.

What are you most excited well-nigh right now?

We’re excited well-nigh the unfurled minutiae of this financial option for homeowners and the windfall matriculation for capital. We have grown every year for the past five years, and have expanded to scrutinizingly 20 states. Our strong Trustpilot reviews, homeowner net promoter scores, and transferral to taking superintendency of homeowners has led to increased word of mouth and referral-based merchantry for us.

Institutional wanted partners are increasingly seeing what we do as an opportunity to do something good for homeowners while earning an towardly return.

When we started working on the idea for Hometap when in 2016, we had a vision that someday homeowners would consider a home probity investor like us as naturally as they presently think well-nigh working with a lender. Each day, we are getting closer to that reality. We will protract to expand and make a Hometap investment misogynist to as wholesale a universe of homeowners as possible.

What’s next for you?

Last year, we sealed on $60 million of operating wanted and are using it to rent top talent, scale our partner program, introduce increasingly products and services, and expand our operations. We moreover launched several new windfall funds, giving us hundreds of millions of dollars to invest slantingly homeowners.

We’re unchangingly seeking ways to enhance the homeowner wits to make engaging with Hometap easier, faster, and increasingly seamless — whether it’s through iterating on our software applications or the investment process itself.

What’s a rationalization you’re passionate well-nigh and why?

I superintendency tightly well-nigh the democratization of opportunity. Well-nigh 14 years ago, I helped to start BUILD, an organization that seeks to ignite the power of youth in under-resourced communities to build career success, entrepreneurial mindsets and opportunity. We work with upper school students throughout Massachusetts.

Through the empowering wits of running a real business, students demonstrate increased proficiency in six hair-trigger competencies we undeniability Spark Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Innovation, Grit, and Self Management. Most importantly, BUILD students develop a vital sense of self-agency over their education and careers.

For me, entrepreneurship has unchangingly been a source of skill development, creativity, relationship towers and financial independence. It’s very heady for me to participate in BUILD’s efforts to help young people build life skills through the lens of visitor creation. Over the years, BUILD has worked with over 6,000 students. For us, entrepreneurship is the hook, and higher and career readiness is the goal.

Thanks to Jeff for sharing his story. If you’d like to connect, find him on LinkedIn here.

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