Curious Cribs: Boldly Rent Where No Man Has Rented Before

Who would imagine a Florida mansion just might be the perfect place for a die-hard (and deep-pocketed) Trekkie to live long and prosper? Financial investor Marc Bell, a Tony-winning Broadway producer, former co-owner of Penthouse magazine, and lifelong “Star Trek” fan, is seeking a tenant who’ll transport themselves to his delightfully playful “Trek”-themed Boca Raton mansion … and can afford to pony up $199,900 per month for the privilege.

The striking estate has been for sale on and off since 2014, when it first popped up with an entirely-too-optimistic $35 million price tag. After an unsuccessful series of steep price cuts — the last ask, in April 2020, was a tad under $20 million — the offbeat manse is available on the rental market.

Located in a particularly ritzy part of Boca Raton known as Princeton Estates, the home appears, on exterior view, to be just another unassuming pan-Mediterranean mega-mansion. The idiosyncratically and whimsically jazzed-up interiors, however, suggest a completely different orbit.

Measuring in at almost 20,000 square feet, the sprawling residence has nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and an extravaganza of “Star Trek” and fantasy-inspired interior décor. Highlights include a movie theater with a vibrating floor modeled after Captain Picard’s bridge in “The Next Generation” and an arcade that houses a variety of pinball machines, foosball and air hockey tables and a number of “Star Trek” spacecraft miniatures.

Not everything is “Star Trek”-themed: other quirky rooms include a video-game lounge designed to resemble a World War II bunker (there’s camouflage netting on the ceiling), a fairytale-themed child’s bedroom and another done up as a pirate island.

Unfortunately for Trekkies, most of the unique memorabilia, including an original pair of prosthetic Spock ears worn by Leonard Nimoy, will be removed. The movie theater, however, will remain intact, and though Scotty may not be able to beam you up, there is a helipad for dramatic comings and goings.

The listing is held by Marc Kiejdan at Marc Bell Real Estate