I Need to Sell My House Fast in Dallas: What Are My Options?

If you need to sell your house fast in Dallas, whether you’ve inherited a house, you’re relocating for work, need to mazuma out your home’s probity fast, or are looking to put a divorce overdue you, the two weightier strategies are: 1) seek out a mazuma offer, or 2) work with a top real manor agent. In this guide, we will review the pros and cons of each tideway to help you decide which makes the most sense for your home sale.


Option 1: Sell your Dallas house fast for cash

HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform connects you to the largest network of mazuma buyers in the U.S. We use the information you provide well-nigh your home plus local neighborhood data to get you a user-friendly mazuma offer, permitting you to tropical in as little as 10 days.

Simple Sale saves time in other ways since clients can skip repairs, home prep, and showings while still receiving a strong offer from our network. There are moreover no wage-earner fees and you get to decide when you want to close.

HomeLight was founded in 2012 and is BBB accredited with an A rating. The visitor has 4.6 stars on Google based on increasingly than 500 user reviews.

Sell Your Dallas House Fast With an All-Cash Offer

Get an all-cash, no-obligation offer through HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform whenever you’re ready. Receive your offer within a week and tropical in as little as 10 days. No showings, no repairs, no unshut houses. Available to sellers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Step 1: Request Offer

Who else will buy your Dallas house for cash?

There are other ways to get a mazuma offer for your Dallas home. Here are a few options to consider:

  • iBuyers: A shorthand for “instant buyer,” iBuyers are companies that purchase properties as-is quickly and for cash, sometimes without plane looking at the property in person. Sellers input information online and typically receive an initial offer from the iBuyer within a few minutes.
  • Buy-and-hold investors: These are real manor investors who purchase properties and wait for them to fathom in value. They will likely use the home as a rental property. This allows them to gain income from renters in wing to towers probity through property appreciation.
  • House flippers: House flippers typically purchase properties that are outdated or need significant repairs. Their goal is to quickly renovate the house for resale and turn a profit.

These mazuma buyers are looking for a unrepealable type of home, so they may not be looking for a house like the one you are selling. iBuyers tend to focus on the Southern wreath of the U.S. and squint for homes in good condition within a specific price range. House flippers squint for homes they can purchase for a deal, so their mazuma offer will likely be less than that of an iBuyer, but they can help get a troublesome property off your hands.

Cash buyers in Dallas

Here are some examples of local mazuma homebuyers in the Dallas market right now:

  • Cash Home Buyers Texas: This is a larger real manor investment visitor that operates throughout Texas — including in the Dallas area. Cash Home Buyers Texas holds a 5-star status on Google Reviews.
  • Dallas’ Weightier Home Buyers: As a local, family-owned company, Dallas’ Weightier Home Buyers offers an wits that is variegated from virtual hands-off mazuma buyers. And they are flipside mazuma proprietrix with a 5-star Google review.
  • Denko Home Buyers: A highly-rated mazuma proprietrix in the Dallas area, Denko Home Buyers will buy your house for mazuma without requiring any repairs. This house-buying visitor holds a 4.8-star review rating on Google.
  • Home Sold Speedy: Pick your move-out stage and your latter stage when you work with Home Sold Speedy. The visitor has over 60 reviews on Google and maintains a 5-star rating.
  • Metroplex Homebuyers: Metroplex Homebuyers focuses on giving a pearly price to buy properties as-is, and a simple process that can start with a five-minute online form. The visitor has a 4.8-star review rating on Google and is A BBB Accredited.
  • Newbyginnings: As their visitor name implies, Newbyginnings strives to bring clients new beginnings by purchasing their properties in a simple and easy way. The visitor has a 4.9-star Google review rating and holds an A BBB rating.

Learn increasingly well-nigh Dallas zone “we buy houses” companies at this link.


Pros and cons of selling your Dallas house for cash

As with anything, there are pros and cons to selling your home quickly for cash.


  • Fast closing: A mazuma sale is significantly faster than a traditional mortgage-backed home purchase, often permitting you to tropical in as few as three to 10 days.
  • No repairs needed: You can sell your home as-is, in most cases, with no repairs or renovations.
  • No fees or commissions: Many mazuma buyers will imbricate latter financing and fees.
  • No showings or unshut houses: You won’t have to stage the home for listing photos or prepare the property for showings or unshut houses.
  • No obligation until you commit: After you receive a no-obligation offer, you can compare it to other offers. You can plane consult a Realtor® for comparisons.
  • Step yonder from a problem: With a fast mazuma sale, you can often stave dealing with problem tenants or potential foreclosure.
  • No contingencies: Mazuma buyers can waive contingencies that can make negotiations difficult, namely the financing contingency and valuation contingency.
  • No negotiating: You won’t have to deal with multiple buyers or the pressure of back-and-forth negotiating on price, credits, or repairs.
  • Move on with life: If you inherited a home, are facing divorce, dealing with a death, or having financial challenges, a mazuma sale can help you move on from the home and possibly resolve some issues faster.


  • Lower sale price: Mazuma sales typically result in a lower selling price than a traditional sale with the help of a qualified real manor agent.
  • Repairs forfeit may be deducted: If the home does need major repairs, the forfeit of those may be deducted from the offer, depending on the mazuma buyer.
  • May be harder to find a buyer: Depending on the condition or location of your home, you may have limited mazuma proprietrix options, expressly if you have a unique property that will be harder for investors to flip.
  • You’ll need to vet companies: It’s important to do research on “we buy houses for cash” companies to make sure they are legitimate and reputable.
  • Transparency may be limited: Some mazuma buyers won’t share their home evaluation process or how they calculated their offer, which is sometimes reduced last minute.
  • Hidden fees: As you vet mazuma buyers, watch for subconscious or unexpected fees. Read your purchase contract thoughtfully surpassing signing.

Option 2: Work with a top wage-earner to sell fast in Dallas

Not only do top teachers help their clients make speedier sales, but the top 5% of teachers moreover sell homes for up to 10% increasingly than the stereotype agent, equal to HomeLight data. If you want to sell quickly, but you have a little increasingly time to do it, working with an wage-earner can provide an option to make increasingly on the sale. Increasingly money in your pocket gives you the self-rule to pay lanugo debt, invest your uneaten cash, or use it for something else you may need.


How fast are homes selling in Dallas?

“Last year, every house would sell in six days. Now, it’s taking forty days just to get an offer. So plane though the market is still strong in Dallas…buyers are a little choosier than they were last year, ” says Susan Melnick, a Dallas real manor wage-earner with 38 years of experience.

The median number of days on the market for a property in the DFW zone has scrutinizingly doubled over the past year — from 25 days in March 2022 to 46 days in March 2023. However, that median is still lower than the national median in March 2023, which was 54 days.

And Dallas is one of the most desirable markets in the country. The municipality was named the number two market to watch for 2023, equal to an Emerging Trends in Real Manor report. This is partially due to the large number of new builds Dallas has to offer. With a nationwide housing inventory shortage that’s been occurring over the past several years, the increase of DFW inventory that’s expected as increasingly homes are built will likely draw buyers from wideness the country.

There are moreover unrepealable neighborhoods that are in higher demand. Melnick says that some of the easiest places to sell right now in the DFW metroplex include: Kessler Park, Elmwood, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Preston Hollow, Northwood Hills, and Prestonwood. Sellers in these neighborhoods can expect to sell their houses quickly and easily. Sellers in other neighborhoods will need to do uneaten work to get the weightier offer for their property and sell fast.

Here’s a snapshot of current real manor and economic conditions in Dallas:

Median days on the market 46
Median home price $394,600
Year-over-year median home price change 0.46%
Total zippy listings (February 2023) 15,753
Total sales (February 2023) 6,740
Dallas population growth 1.33%

Knowing the current real manor market in Dallas gives you information you can use to get your home ready to sell quickly. In addition, a good real manor wage-earner can provide expert perspectives on that information to requite your property a uplift in the selling process.

Looking to Sell Fast? A Top Wage-earner Can Help

If you’re looking to sell fast, a top wage-earner has the expertise in pricing, marketing, home prep, and negotiation to help make that happen, while helping clients earn increasingly from their home sales than stereotype agents.

Next Step: Find Agent

9 strategies to sell a house fast in Dallas

When selling any home, there are a few key strategies that will unchangingly help speed up the selling process. Things like making key repairs, updating strategic parts of the home, pricing the property competitively for the market, staging the home, and marketing the sale well can all impact how quickly the home will sell (and increase the final sale price).

An wage-earner can requite you translating on how to employ these strategies specifically for your property, and they can provide hyperlocal translating for your market.

Use these key tips to uplift the timeline for your home sale:

1. Set your price slightly unelevated the market

In a shifting housing market, pricing correctly is key to generating interest in a property and bringing in competitive offers. For a fast sale, Melnick recommends Dallas sellers set a price slightly unelevated the market.

“Whatever the market is in the last sixty days — not ninety days, not four months ago, but right now — price it a little bit unelevated market,” advises Melnick. This pricing strategy will make your listing competitive compared to other similar listings in the area.

An experienced top agent will perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you set the weightier price to sell a house fast in your market. If you’re curious well-nigh your home’s current value, try HomeLight’s Home Value Estimator. While it shouldn’t dictate your final pricing strategy, an online home value estimate can requite you a ballpark price range. You can get a preliminary estimate in less than two minutes.

2. Market the strengths of your property

The typical Dallas proprietrix is looking for unrepealable features when they purchase a home. Popular features can be a key selling point. Make sure you highlight these. Melnick says that attributes, such as well-maintained pools, accessory units, and stuff in a desired neighborhood, can help with a quick sale.

For example, Texans love their trucks, so a spacious garage is an well-flavored full-length to many Dallas buyers. You can moreover show the strengths of your home by hiring a staging visitor to set up the property for showings.

3. Make sure it’s wipe and tidy

Doing a deep cleaning of the home and taking superintendency of small repair projects will help get the property ready to show off. Rent a cleaning service if you aren’t worldly-wise to wipe the house yourself, and then maintain its tidiness while the listing is active.

Do the same for your home’s exterior. Dallas teachers will often teach sellers to unravel out the power washer to well-spoken yonder Texas pollen, dust, and dirt to modernize a home’s curb appeal.

4. Get professional photos

Melnick suggests that you or your wage-earner rent a professional to take photos for the listing. “Make sure they’re not taken with somebody’s iPhone,” she says. And, “If the lot is large, then drone photos are tabbed for.”

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 97% of homebuyers use the internet in their search for a home. That ways buyers will likely first view the property via the photos and videos you post in a listing.

5. Consider a pre-listing inspection

Getting a pre-listing home inspection superiority of time can help make the sale process speedier, depending on your property. This allows you to unroll any repairs needed on the house or get them taken superintendency of surpassing you plane list the property.

It can moreover eliminate surprises for any potential proprietrix during the latter process. Hiccups like these can add to the value of time it takes to close.

6. Promote spare space for lodging

If your property has an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU), such as a mother-in-law cottage, emphasize this in your listing. If you are selling a Dallas home with large square footage, leverage this.

7. Advertise your neighborhood’s walkability

Walkability is important for many Dallas buyers. This makes it important for sellers to highlight parks, coffee shops, and local restaurants in the neighborhood. Proximity to other services can moreover play a role in selling your home. Highlight if you’re near the airport for frequent travelers or tropical to big offices for those who are commuting to work. If you’re in a unconfined school district, point that out for families.

8. Showcase your outdoor area

Dallas home shoppers love usable outdoor space. Extending your living space outdoors can be extremely well-flavored to buyers. Consider how you might transform your outdoor zone into an lulu oasis. This might include subtracting a full furniture set, smoker, and television to watch the Cowboys on a Sunday night.

9. Sell the house at the right time of year (if possible)

When you are trying to sell your house fast, you may not be worldly-wise to wait to list the property. But if you can wait, selling at the right time of year can drastically shorten the time it takes for a property to sell, and it can uplift the sale price, too.

“Prices spring in the Spring and fall in the Fall,” says Melnick. If you can list your property between March 1st and July 1st, you may have an easier selling process.

HomeLight’s Best Time to Sell Calculator uses housing market data for your zone to show you the weightier and worst months to sell your home. See when is the weightier time to sell a house if you want to make the most money and which months are weightier to sell your house fast.


Ready to sell your Dallas home?

Whether your Dallas property is in exquisite condition or it needs quite a few upgrades, it is possible to sell your house quickly.

A top real manor wage-earner in Dallas can help you navigate the many nuances that you might not otherwise discover until you’re swamped in the process. Their organization efficiencies and marketing expertise can help you sell your Dallas house fast.

If you need an plane faster sale, HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform provides mazuma offers for homes in scrutinizingly any condition in Dallas. If you don’t have the time or the ways to prepare your home or move through the traditional listing process, you can skip the repairs and showings and tropical in as few as 10 days. Complete a short questionnaire and receive a no-obligation mazuma offer within a week.

Understand your timeline to sell, so you can segregate the weightier strategy to sell your house fast in Dallas. If you’re unsure well-nigh the right option, start by talking to several mazuma buyers and real manor agents.