A CRM that Helps You Follow Up

[Note from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights companies and news from members of the GEM. Today’s showcase: Follow Up Boss]

A CRM that centralizes leads and supports follow-up tools for high-growth real manor businesses, Follow Up Boss provides calling and dialer; individual and group texting; and email for engaging with leads. Everything syncs from agents’ desktops to their phones to alimony engagement consistent. It supports lead distribution from 200 sources, including Zillow, RE/MAX, Homes.com, and Facebook.

Its Pixel tracking tool provides detailed lead information well-nigh what wayfarers they came from, which listings they viewed, and when they’re urgently looking at the site. “Action Plans” enable teachers to hands follow up with leads multiple times, and make every follow-up increasingly constructive by showing teachers who to follow up with, when, and with reminders of the next steps from each lead’s customized plan. When it’s time to move past an Action Plan, Follow Up Boss’ automation sequences nurture long-term relationships, reach out to old leads, and share leads with lending partners.

The CRM moreover provides businesses with powerful reports that offer visual overviews of their business’s performance and wage-earner metrics. The Leaderboard full-length creates sharable dashboards to exhibit each agent’s appointments, conversations, undeniability attempts, text messages, and emails. And with Follow Up Boss’s shared timetable and wangle to full conversation history, it’s simple to loop in a teammate or lending partner.

It’s moreover an unshut API and integrates with Google Suite, Office 365, Zapier, Mail Chimp, and more.

What we like: 10 years of integrations and learnings provides a strategic wholesomeness nonflexible for new entrants to compete with.

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